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Alvarado Parkway Institute

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Center for Mental Health & Addictive Disorders

Alvarado Parkway Institute was outgrowing it’s website and needed a better way to organize their services and information. Through the years, we have seen the mental health and addiction landscape shift and change significantly, but our belief in the human spirit’s resiliency has endured. We know that there’s a fulfilling life on the other side of mental illness and addiction. We have made it our mission to help individuals reach that fulfilling life by reshaping our system of care to include a network of affiliated services that are designed to maximize the potential of each individual we serve.

Improving behavioral health services

IUX Soft designed and developed a custom wordpress website to handle API’s needs. API’s previous website had a lot of information that made users not interested, we changed the format of their service pages and made things much easier to find. Also, we used their custom wheel graphic to be incorporated into a side menu.

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