Frequently Asked Questions

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What is brand design?

Brand design tells the story of your company. Branding consists of multiple elements that consistently such as: logo, tagline, look book, social media post, marketing materials, website, business card, email templates, trade show booth, etc. When all this comes together, amazing happens.

How long does the brand design process take?

Because no two companies are the same, no two branding projects are the same. Your branding or rebranding project might include:

  • Logo Design: to capture the spirit of your brand
  • Logo Variations: to move your brand forward in various ways
  • Brand Guidelines: to help you communicate your brand story
  • Marketing Collateral: to inform you about your buyer personas and what motivates them

Do you offer ongoing support after a website is built?

Yes, we offer our clients on-going support after the website is launched. This lets our clients focus on what they do best and put trust in us. Also since we build the website it is easier for us to maintain and update your website as much as needed. This services is mostly on an hourly basis depending on the amount of work needed per month.

How does it benefit to work with IUX Soft rather than another design agency?

With years of experience in owning our own retail store (still in business), brand management, marketing for multiple companies, and sales, we ask questions to understand how to increase your sales and simplify tasks. We also have worked with other brands that gives us insight in industries such as: Aerospace, Marine, Non-Profit, Action Sports, Health & Wellness, Food & Beverage & Real Estate.

What are brand guidelines?

Brand guidelines are instructions to how your brand should be applied on different materials. Inside a brand guidelines you should find the font family, brand colors, logo usage etc. brand guidelines will vary per client depending on the industry they are in. We offer brand guidelines services to get your business in the right direction.

How long does it take to build a website?

A simple website with less than 10 pages can take around 1.5 months. We work with large corporations that may have over 100+ pages and those easily take more than 3 months due initial strategy planning and the complexity of the website. No two websites are exactly the same. We begin with an initial sitemap to understand all the pages needed to build and design. We then develop a timeline estimate based on those details.

Do you work with just big brands?

We work with companies large and small. We would be happy to turn your start-up into a large corporation someday. We have seen our clients of less than 5 employees turn into companies with more than 50 employees. Please contact us so we can create a proposal for your next project.

How much does a website cost?

Our small-business websites start at $5,000 and go up from there depending on the complexity and amount of pages of the website. At IUX Soft, we build websites that pay for themselves. Not only do we apply your brand aesthetics to the website, we also focus on generating leads to increase your sales funnel. We aim to get your return on investment.

What are your payment terms?

We require a deposit of 50% before we start working together and the remaining 50% is invoiced once the project is complete. Since no two projects are the same, and in some cases, we might allow for a different payment plan that suits both parties.